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Aqua Multi Pack Rhinestone Stickers By Mark Richards
$2.69 $1.88 
Clear Crystal Rhinestone Elements Stickers
Green Square 5mm Mosaics
$2.99 $1.20 
Dk. Grey Pearls Round Strips 5mm
Red Strips Small
$2.69 $2.49 
Lt. Pink Pearls Round Strips 5mm
$2.99 $2.69 
Boy Crystal Sticker by Mark Richards
$2.09 $1.25 
Yellow Strips Multi
$2.69 $2.49 
Script Z Rhinestone Wall Sticker by Mark Richards
$7.99 $1.60 
Purple Strips Round Multi
$2.69 $2.49 
Pink & Black Large Stars Jeweled Temporary Tattoo - Mark Richards
$4.99 $2.00 
Clear Large Shapes Rhinestone Strips
$2.69 $2.49 

Let your scrapbook pages and other crafts dazzle when you use Mark Richards stickers. These crystal stickers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used on whatever projects you’re working on!